Aka Pārongo Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need to log in?

You only need to log into the provider portal if you received a request to submit material for moderation.


How do we get a new account for a new staff member?

Please get in touch with a WDC moderation team, and they will organise the retirement of old accounts and creation of new accounts for newcomers.


What happens if I interact with multiple WDC’s?

Aka Pārongo is a collaboration across all WDCs. All requests will be visible in one place.


How do I know if I am already setup with an account ?

If you receive correspondence from Workforce Development Councils to your unique email address at your organisation then it is likely you have an account. If you have been receiving communications to a shared mailbox, you may need to contact your Workforce Development Council to get an account created.


Can I still mail my submissions to a WDC?

Online submissions are the easiest and safest way to share your material with us.  We have staff working across the country so using mail can make it very difficult. Some WDCs will still accept submission by mail by courier. In this case we ask that you still submit what you can online and record the sample as ‘Physical’ and enter the courier tracking ID in the notes section.


My file is taking a long time to upload, what should I do?

The first file you upload may be slow as the system is creating records in our systems. You may experience an upload time of several minutes for very large files but if this is the case for smaller files, please let our technical team know [email protected]