Overview of Aka Pārongo


Log in portal:

Create portal account

The first time you use the portal, you will need to create an account.

  1. Click on the Aka Pārongo link within the request for submission You will be directed to the Sign in page of the portal

  1. Select the Sign up now button and complete the registration using your unique work email address and a password of your choosing, please do not register with a shared email account as we need to verify you.

Uploading Documents

Supporting documents and sample should be uploaded separately.

  1. Open the Request
  2. Open the Skill standard
  3. Upload Supporting Information
  4. Add a new sample record for each sample requested for that skill standard

Loading Integrated Samples

To avoid uploading the same sample multiple times for standards where an integrated assessment was done, you can select the ‘Integrated’ checkbox on the sample record. A selection box will appear with a list of the skill standards available on this moderation request.  Select the other applicable skill standards the assessment was for and and proceed with uploading the relevant files. The system will recognise the sample across all selected skill standards.

Please supply any notes that are relevant to the sample.

Note: If you are not seeing the integrated option then please contact the relevant Quality Assurance team so they can activate this option for you.

Postal Submissions

If your Workforce Development Council accepts postal submissions and this evidence is not appropriate to be uploaded into the portal, you should still use the portal to a) advise us of postal submission b) upload all content that is suitable for the online submission.

To do this:

  1. Select ‘Add Sample’
  2. Select ‘Physical’ under the Submission Type field and enter in the notes section details of what is to be sent via post/courier and the courier tracking ID

Uploading ZIP files on samples

We understand that there may be a significant number of files that form one sample, so we have enabled the ability to upload a Zip file against the sample record.

We recommend you name these folders as ‘Skill Standard Number – Learner A’ or similar.

Once you have your zipped files you can upload these directly against the sample record.

Removing samples added in error

If you inadvertently add a sample that was not required, you are able to remove this from the Skill Standard Samples page.  Just select the sample and select the Remove button.

Capturing learner ethnicity

This is an optional field on the Sample record, some Quality Assurance Teams are requiring a proportion of sample to be from Māori learner’s assessments.  Unless you are specifically asked by a Quality Assurance team to complete this information you can leave it blank.

Validation warnings

When you Submit the request, the system will run a few checks to makes sure you have added everything that has been requested.  If you have forgotten to upload a sample a warning message similar to the following will be presented.

Review the message and close it to return to the request to complete the missing samples and then you can try and submit again.

Moderation contact or principal’s nominee has changed

On the Dashboard you will be able to see any other Moderation contacts that are registered for your provider, if you notice that any of these contacts have left your organisation or their role has changed you are able to remove these.

Please only remove contacts if they no longer require access to the portal.

If there is a new Moderation Contact, then please send the details to your Quality Assurance team and they will ensure that our records are updated, and the new contact is added.

Reporting technical issues

Warnings/Error messages – What to do/What to provide to technical support

During your interaction with Aka Pārongo you may encounter warnings or error messages, such as this:


Please take a screen shot of the error message and record the following information to assist with troubleshooting.

  • Title of the request e.g. Q1 : 10102
  • Skill Standard sample e.g. Sp- 100048
  • file type and size e.g. Word Document 60MB
  • Date and time of the issue

You can then close the message and try again, if the connection has resumed you should not have any further issues, however if the issue persists, please email [email protected] with the information above.