Image of Dr Kathie Irwin

Dr Kathie Irwin

Toi Mai, Co-Chair

Dr Kathie Irwin, Ngāti Rākaipaaka, is a passionate third-generation Māori educationist deeply committed to public service and social justice. Guided by Sir Apirana Ngata’s whakatauāki “E tipu, e rea” (grow and thrive), she actively contributes to Aotearoatanga and nation building through innovative and creative approaches rooted in Treaty-based models of change.

With almost thirty years of expertise in Māori education, research, and development, Kathie has established herself as an academic in the field. In addition, she has pursued a “second career” in senior management and governance. In June 2020, she founded Kathie Irwin and Associates, a specialized organization in education, research, and training, where she holds the role of Founder and CEO. Kathie also serves as co-Chair of Toi Mai.